Saturday, December 24

Streak week 5

Goodbye week 5 of the Runner's World holiday running streak!
Week 1 was novel, week 2 made me feel hardcore, week 3 was tiring, week 4 was WET, and week 5 has been festive (and humid, but let's focus on the festive)!
Photo courtesy of 5ksAndCabernets
Here's how the week shook out:
  1. Sunday - 3 miles around the neighborhood with Hubby. 3 is also the number of weeks since I last got to spend time with Hubby thanks to our conflicting work travel schedules. All the time apart made me appreciate that we're now both home for the holidays!
  2. Monday - 1 mile. In the rain. (The weather gods hate me.) On the plus side, I spent quality time with my stationary bike and free weights for the first time since I started this running streak!
  3. Tuesday - 1.5 miles. More rain. (Will it ever end???)
  4. Wednesday - 4.5 miles. The rain ended, but the humidity was bad enough that I've put in a request with Santa...
  5. Thursday - 2.25 sweaty miles and a terrible clothes shopping experience
  6. Friday - Four miles for Festivus!
  7. Saturday - 10 glorious miles. 9 minute pace. 54 degrees. 1 neighbor kid dressed like an elf. (Or was that really one of Santa's helpers? Maybe he granted my Christmas wish for cooler weather!)
All total, I logged just over 26 miles for the week.

If I run at just one more mile tomorrow,
I will accomplish my holiday running streak goal!

(Can I keep this up for one more week? I have travel plans that might mess with running for one day, but I'm going to try and keep this thing going into the New Year!)

Have you started planning your running goals for 2012?

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