Saturday, December 17

Streak week 4!

Goodbye week four of the Runner's World holiday running streak! Week 1 was novel, week 2 made me feel hardcore, week 3 was tiring, week 4 was a roller coaster.

Here's how the week rolled out:
  1. Sunday - 4 quick miles before racing off to the airport to catch my flight to San Diego... (roller coaster ticket in-hand)
  2. Monday -  Going UP! 6.5 nighttime miles in Balboa Park, under the holiday lights, with some of my favorite running buddies. (Does running get any better than that?)
  3. Tuesday -  Going DOWN! a mile that taught me to never mix tequila and a treadmill... 
  4. Wednesday -  Going UP! a couple of morning miles through downtown San Diego that made my day.
  5. Thursday -  Both up and down! An unforgettable 7.5 mile run, most of which was through pouring rain. (Does running get any wetter than that? My shoes still aren't dry!)
  6. Friday - just 1 lonely little mile before work to keep the streak alive
  7. Saturday - 3 miles at Mission Bay before (again) racing off to get on an airplane...
(And... the roller coaster ride is over.)

All total, I logged 25 miles for the week.

28 days down, 8 left to go!
(Or maybe 337 left...? I might keep this up for 2012.)

Have you started planning your running goals for 2012?


  1. Put some newspaper in those shoes!!

  2. Yeah, the tequila and running thing don't usually work! I think you're doing great, though.

  3. Great job keeping the streak alive!! I wouldn't think tequila dn running would mix well!

  4. Wow, what a week! Well done you for keeping the streak alive! :)

  5. Great work! The streak is alive!

  6. way to go! those weeks can be hard, but worth it in the end. ya know?


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