Saturday, November 26

Streak week 1

Thanks to a little nudge from Runner's World, and some encouragement from Caitlyn over at Adventures of a Latin Geek, I decided to start a holiday running streak.
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I have run consistently (3-5 days/week) for more than a decade, but have never before run more than four days in a row. (Yes, I went back through my training logs just to be sure.) And those four-day "streaks" are few and far between.

Today I broke that streak of non-streaking, and finished seven consecutive days of running at least a mile.
  1. Sunday - 4.5 miles (Hash run!)
  2. Monday - 1.1 miles
  3. Tuesday - 3.5 miles (accidentally overslept, but still ran)
  4. Wednesday - 1.2 miles
  5. Thursday - 3 miles
  6. Friday - 5 miles (gorgeous day at the beach, but I could have done without the 20mph headwind!)
  7. Saturday - 1 mile
This adds up to about 18 and a half total -- not my highest mileage week ever, but the goal here is running every day from now until Christmas, not breaking weekly mileage records.

Seven down, twenty-nine left to go!
(I wonder if I'll be glad, by 12/25, that I can take a real rest day, or if I'll be motivated to keep going so I can join the US Running Streak Association?)

What's your longest running streak?
Have you ever been the other kind of streaker?

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  1. Congrats on taking up the streak! I just finished day 3. And no, I've never been the "other" kind of streaker ;)


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