Friday, June 3

Fabulous photo of 1800s running couture.

In surfing for photos to illustrate another blog post, I came across this gem and just had to share.

This photo made me smile because even in the days when doctors warned women that their (supposedly) frail little bodies couldn't handle running - women still ran!

I can barely keep my hair in a ponytail while running... I can't imagine trying to keep a bonnet on straight. Oh, and those shoes! My feet ache just thinking about running in those pointy, heeled torture traps!

Thankfully today's fashion trends more toward t-shirts and shorts, not skirts with petticoats. (Unless, of course, it's a red dress run.)
Photographer: Eadweard J. Muybridge (1830-1904)
Photo date: circa 1884-1887
Source: George Easton House Collection

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