Wednesday, June 29

High heels hurt less?

We have a verdict on the aftermath of Sunday's jellyfish attack: I have a strained, possibly torn, gastrocnemius.

The stinging subsided in my foot, but the cramping and pain continued in my calf. Clearly I did something horribly wrong (besides stepping on a jellyfish). In rushing for the outdoor showers to wash the jellyfish off my foot, I made a critical error. Rather than walk the long way around a brick wall to enter the shower area, I decided to hop over the wall. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The "pop" I felt in my left calf, however, is a reminder that sometimes fastest is not bestest.

Sunday night my left leg would not hold my weight. (Hopping around the house on one jellyfish-stung foot, while gingerly keeping the other from touching the floor, was so much fun.) Light pressure on the calf hurt. Monday even shaving my legs was uncomfortable. (I don't press that hard with my razor! Really!) But Tuesday was a bit better, and today my calf is mostly just stiff and sore.

But here's a weird twist to this tale: Uncomfortable women's attire is the cure for all of these ills!
#1 - I learned that if I had been wearing pantyhose on the beach, I wouldn't have been stung in the first place! The nematocysts that release venom don't react unless they come into contact with flesh. Hence: pantyhose protect against jellyfish.
#2 - I put on a pair of low heels to teach class today, and to my great shock and surprise, walking down stairs was less painful with them on than without. (Yes. You read that correctly. Walking in heels feels better than barefoot. For the first time ever.) I suppose this makes sense. My calf feels fine when my toes are pointed. And hurts like a !#$@%$ when I flex my foot. Those heels... keep my toes pointed. Brilliant! Bring on the stilettos!

High heels don't get me back up and running just yet, though.
And, despite the fact that I adore my BCBG heels, I can tell you which shoes I'd rather be wearing...

Do any of you have recommendations to keep from going crazy when you can't run?


  1. oh no! I KNOW that popping feeling!!!!!!!


    My plan is to aqua jog & lap swim. Beth from SUAR sent me this link, in case you're interested in aqua jogging:

  2. Thank you, Alma! A week of really serious rest (and lots of ice) seems to have done the trick this time. My run this morning was OK (so maybe just a strain, not a tear after all!). But I am going to look into aqua jogging for sure. I could use a not-90-degree workout for the summer! :)


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