Friday, June 24

Friday fail

Last night I couldn't fall asleep. I lay awake until 11... 12... 12:45.
Still, when the alarm clock went off at 6:15am, I had every intention of getting out of bed and going for a run.

But there was thunder. And lightning. Even the birds, who normally sing a raucous symphony outside my bedroom window, were staying in this morning.

I hit snooze. Repeatedly.

At 7:15 I finally crawled out of bed and turned on the coffee maker. It took another 40 minutes for the coffee to kick in and for me to build up the momentum to get out the door.

It took another 20 minutes for me to throw in the towel and turn my morning run into a morning walk.

This morning my get up and go got up and went.

As I walked back home along the bayou, I wondered:
  • Was it the weather? The air was so still and oppressive that the only ripples on the bayou were from two passing fishermen in their boat. There wasn't a breath of a breeze, just humidity and heaviness. But I've run in this before...
  • Am I dehydrated? I have been drinking plenty of water, and no alcohol. Dehydration can't be my problem...
  • Maybe my sleepless night is to blame? One night of insomnia has never beaten me this badly before...
  • Maybe three weeks in a row of "hard" training has finally caught up with me? I usually do two hard weeks (two workouts a day, extra lifting, walking and yoga for "rest"), one "recovery" week of once-a-day exercise, and a moderate-intensity week. Maybe three weeks straight of 2-workout days was pushing it?
Or maybe I'm just making excuses.

I'll get on the stationary bike to make up for my lack of morning motivation. But the truth remains, today's run is a FAIL.

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