Wednesday, June 8

Running in the buff

Running naked?

First the barefoot movement took hold, and now the month of June has turned into barea$$ running month. Did I miss a memo?

I'm not a prude. I swear. But this month's slate of news stories and advertisements has me wondering "how can that be comfortable?"

First, there's the streaker guy who ran naked through a neighborhood in Kansas.

Then I pick up the June issue of Runner's World to see a cover story about a clothing-optional duathlon in Pennsylvania, known as the Bare Hare Duathlon. Ok. Fine. I found the nude racing section in Bart Yasso's My Life On The Run to be amusing, if not necessarily something I wanted to emulate. I'm not so sure about riding a bike in the buff, either, but to each their own.

And since good things come in threes, there is the new Vibram "You Are The Technology" ad that cleverly depicts people in their Vibrams and a birthday suit, with the slogan "you are the technology" in the online ad campaign and "less shoe, more you" in print. The ads, as you can see, are definitely attention-grabbing.


As a female runner I have to wonder whether or not this can possibly be comfortable?

I mean, what about the bouncy bits? How long can you run comfortably without some sort of motion control (and I'm not talking shoes here, people).


  1. As a budding runner (still) I find this amusing and horrifying. Uhm, you aren't the only one concerned with comfort, ma'am. :)

  2. I found your blog through Sarah Bowen. I love it!

    I've run through Blacks Beach (in my clothing) and was tempted to try it bare buns next time. :) Luckily, I don't have too much junk to jiggle around up there.

  3. Welcome, Kate! I dropped by your blog, too. I adore your book list. Honestly, I just (in the past month) finished Born To Run and Tales of a Female Nomad, and am halfway through Murakami's book. (Great minds think alike?)


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