Thursday, June 23

I got passed by a parrot

Today while running, I was passed by a parrot. On a bike.

Yes, I was passed by a parrot riding a bicycle. And this is not the first, but the second bicycle-riding parrot who has passed me this month!

The first parrot-passing occurred two weeks ago. I was running through my neighborhood, and a neighbor rode by with a giant macaw on his handlebars. The bird appeared to enjoy the ride. All-in-all a nice distraction on the run.

Today's parrot-passing was an entirely different bird, bicycle, and human combination. I went to the beach for my morning run (something I don't do nearly often enough), and on the return leg of my out-and-back run I heard squawking behind me. I turned to see a bicycle-riding parrot (and his human) gaining on me. As they got closer I realized the parrot was shouting:
Speed up!!!
I thought to myself
F-ing parrot. It's hot and I'm tired! Shut up!
Then I realized that I was arguing with a parrot. In my head. I must be suffering from heat stroke. Remind me to bring more water next time...

As the bicycle-riding parrot passed me, I told the human driver that his parrot was quite the squawker. He said (and I only wish I was clever enough to make this up):
Yea. He was yelling at me because he thought we couldn't catch up with you! He doesn't like to lose a race.
I don't know what made me laugh harder, the fact that I misread the parrot's yelling (or cared in the first place) or the fact that the parrot had a competitive streak.

Either way, I'm pleasantly amused by the parrot-palooza in my new hometown.

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