Thursday, August 23

Thursday thanks

Life has been good this week.

My day job is in the glorious August lull during which I can actually get work done instead of being on conference calls about all the work that needs to get done...

Between conferences, work, and family visits, I have quite a lot of autumn travel coming up... balancing this travel schedule with my teaching schedule will keep me on my toes. (But in a good way. I live for the weeks that keep me on the move.)

The weather has finally, mercifully started cooling off here in Florida. Yes, this happened just as I had to take a break from running, but...

My PF-ing foot had no aches or pains this morning. All of the wonderful suggestions I received seem to be working. I'm going to hold off on running again until the weekend. (This 2-week break will be my longest in years, but I'd rather wait a few more days than rush back into running and have to take another couple of weeks off.)

That said... I am going to go for a long walk this morning to test out my foot and to enjoy the weather. If I make it through the walk pain-free, I'll be working a 6-miler into my weekend. If not, it will be back to the pool for me!

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Another great Thursday thanks- sounds good! Glad your foot is feeling better- hope recovery continues on track!


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