Thursday, August 9

Thursday thanks

I spent hours trying to dream up some pithy, uplifting topic for today's Thanks.
But this week I have no grand tales. What I've got are everyday niceties...

  • Hot coffee
  • A stack of new books
  • Spicy homemade Sichuan stir-fry
  • A work project that finally seems to have coalesced after months of stress and hand-wringing
  • Georgia peaches, fresh from the farm stand
  • A morning run that, by all estimates, should have been sweaty and slow and miserable, but instead felt comfortable and strong
  • The thunder storm that started exactly 30 seconds after I got home from that run
  • Catch-up emails from old friends
  • The Olympics and staying up late with Hubby to watch the track and field events

Some weeks just don't need a bigger reason to be thankful.
The little stuff adds up to a lot.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I love thunderstorms, and it's so nice when they decide to wait until you're done doing whatever you need to do outside. Today I am thankful for a good run this morning, good friends, and for all of the American athletes who have given up so many hours of their lives to train hard and represent us at the Olympics.

  2. It's so nice when a run you think is going to be a slog feels great instead! I'm thankful for mentors and friends this week.

  3. Those are all good ones. Nice you could enjoy the thunderstorm AFTER your run!


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