Friday, August 10

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another installment of the weekly roundup we all know and love: Friday potluck! This week we have extra helpings of yoga and Olympics. Enjoy!

Fast food?

After watching the chaos known as the "feeding and hydration station" in the Olympic 10k Marathon Swim, I am pretty sure I won't complain about a crowded water table at a road race ever again.

With elbows flying and water splashing, swimmers need to find their bottle from among dozens being dangled over the water.
Watch Olympic Marathon Swim video highlight
Hmm... maybe this photo is inspiration for a new sport: Fishing for Olympians.

Hair today...

Have you ever wondered whether the Olympic sprinters' flowing locks slow them down? It certainly didn't keep Sanya Richards-Ross from bringing home Olympic gold...

Not everyone appreciates airport yoga

Last week I tried out the yoga studio in DFW airport, and loved it.

Unfortunately the cranky people at The Atlantic are not so easy to please. (Seriously, Atlantic, how miserable do you have to be to complain about life's little pleasures like chair massage and good coffee at the airport? Really, I feel sorry for you...)

Yogaga gag me with a spoon

Essie nail polish has a new fitness themed set of colors they're calling "yogaga."

I'm not sure what offends me more, the bastardization of yoga for commercial purposes, or the fact that the collection includes colors named "marathin" and "pilates hottie."
ad for the new polish color line
Because, you know, the only thing that matters is that we look cute while we work out.
And we only run to be thin.
(Excuse me while I dry heave...)

A stretch?

Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

Quote of the week:
“I carefully lifted out of the pose and spoke up: 'Uh, Fran? When I'm doing the pose (camel), I have this feeling in my chest, kind of a scary, tight feeling.'
Fran was adjusting someone across the room. She had a way of looking like a thoughtful seamstress when she made adjustments: an inch let out here, a seam straightened there, and everything would be just right... Without missing a beat or looking up she said, 'Oh, that's fear. Try the pose again.'
Fear. I hadn't even known it was there.”
Claire Dederer, Poser: My Life in Twenty-three Yoga Poses

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. I think one of the worst things about that nail polish is that I found it because someone posted it on facebook - and how excited they were about how cute it was. UGH.

    1. Ugh is right. I also found mostly positive/rave reviews when I was surfing for an image of the advertisement.


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