Friday, August 17

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another installment of the weekly roundup we all know and love: Friday potluck!

Putting in their 2 cents

Owners of Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles are offering a cell phone discount... Customers get 5% off of their bill if they hand their handheld over to the host for the duration of their meal.

Would you ditch your device to save some dough?

New meaning of "Performance Enhancer?"

Last week CNN ran a story summarizing how sex may be beneficial for athletic performance, thus thoroughly debunking the myth that sex weakens an athlete before a big race or game.

To this new evidence that sex has no deleterious effect on performance, I say: Score one for science!
(Pun absolutely intended.)

Grammar matters...

Can I have a word with you?

Venerated dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster is adding new words to their Collegiate Dictionary. Additions include:
  • bucket list
  • energy drink
  • f-bomb
  • gastropub
  • man cave
  • sexting
...and being underwater (no longer only means getting wet).

A weighty issue...

While Body Mass Index (BMI) is not a perfect measure of obesity or health, new stats from the CDC are shocking: more than 1 in 4 American adults is obese.

Two clever ways to combat obesity: introduce more standing desks (into the classroom, workplace, and home office) and replace junk food in vending machines with healthy alternatives (like mixed nuts and dried fruit).

I know I shouldn't laugh, but...

And last, but not least...

Kyria at Travel Spot adds to the "you might be a runner if" humor with a compilation of (ultra)runner jokes.

Quote of the week:
"Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate."
Charles M. Schulz

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. I love that cell phone idea! There is nothing that annoys me more than being out to dinner with people and they all have their cell phones sitting on the table in front of them constantly checking Facebook or texting. It's very rude.

  2. I love the idea of leaving your cell phone at the door. LOVE it. I hate when people are on the phone checking email etc when they're with others- my boss does it in meetings all the time (and I wonder if she hears half of what's going on, because she's not fully present in the meeting)- makes me crazy.

    Anyway. Clearly it's a pet peeve others share. :)


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