Wednesday, August 22

Lane lines

Eight months ago I joined Kim's New 2 U Cross Training Challenge with the goal of getting out of my comfort zone.

During the first few months of the challenge I struggled at month-end to find something (anything!) to do easily that would count toward the challenge. (Yes, I know how silly that sounds.) But over time the challenge became... well... less of a challenge and more of a mindset.

This month I've already gone spelunking (a lifetime first!) and tried another new high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. But the crowning jewel in this month's fitness adventure list is a sparkling blue one.

With lane lines.
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As I mentioned last month, I kept telling myself that I'd "get back in the water." I once was a triathlete. I once was a lap-swimmer. But the distance between now and "once" was growing wider and wider.

In July I finally dusted off my snorkel and went to the beach.

But I was still avoiding the municipal pool.

The reasons for my avoidance are varied (and completely ridiculous). Municipal pools can be crowded. They can be dirty (rare, but true). Mainly I was just unsure what the "swimming culture" would be at the public pool. The looming unknown was keeping me firmly planted on my stationary bike at home. After all, my living room is pretty comfortable and an interval workout on the stationary bike isn't exactly slouching.

But I missed swimming.

I missed the cool water.

I missed the rhythm of strokes and kicks and breathing.

I missed staring at a lane line in a field of blue.

I missed the feeling of grabbing the water and pulling myself forward.

I missed it...

... until Sunday.

I paid my $4.

I grabbed an open lane.

And I swam - freestyle and backstroke and breastroke - until my arms ached.

When I got home I checked my workout records and realized that the last time I swam... really swam... was more than two years ago. July 2010. (Gah! How did I let that much time pass?)

But once I was in the water, it felt as natural as if my last swim was last week.

Have you ever let a favorite hobby fall by the wayside?
What cross training would you recommend I try next month?

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  1. Awesome. I am inspired. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Sounds like fun- glad you braved the unknown and had such a good time! :)


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