Sunday, August 26

It's my party and I'll hike if I want to

As an August baby, this month I'm one year closer to a new age group!
(This should go in the "you know you're a runner if..." files. Only people who race look forward to the -0s and -5s birthdays.)

While other people might want to unwrap piles of presents, my favorite way to spend a birthday is to do something active. A few cases in point...

My 30th birthday was a bowling party.
Photo of women bowling circa 1950. No I am not old enough to be in this photo
Image source

Last year I was working on a 21-day yoga challenge.

This year Hubby and I went spelunking.

My parents, who refuse to get on the no-gift bandwagon, usually send me a new pair of running shoes, which makes us all happy.

I've gotten a few raised eyebrows over the years when people ask "What did you get for your birthday?" and my answer is "Nothing. We went out to _insert field trip here_ and it was awesome!" Not everyone understands, but it's my birthday and I'll hike if I want to.

First of all, there's plenty of evidence that exercise slows the aging process.

Second, as I get older, I can blame aches and pains on running rather than blaming them on "old age."

Third, every year older is one year closer to a new racing age group - which means I'll be the youngest all over again (at least for that year).

And last, but certainly not least, there's something to be said for staying young at heart and going out to play for your birthday.

What birthday traditions do you have?


  1. Hey Beth,

    I agree 100% about exercise slowing the aging process - and while the recovery piece takes a bit longer now that I am 45 years old, there is still ample opportunity to improve both my fitness and my strength.

    Take care,


  2. I'm a big fan of birthday field trips- I usually try to arrange a day out with my mom (seems fitting), though our field trips would be less active- going to special exhibitions at local museums, that sort of thing. Good times! :)


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