Friday, October 11

4 easy and awesome DIY Halloween running costumes

I'm not a "stunt runner" but I do like a good dress-up dash. The pressure of racing for a PR is disappears, eclipsed by the challenge of finding the perfect running costume.

I personally like a costume with a bit of irony and that doesn't chafe on the run.

A few of my DIY Halloween costume favorites over the years...

The "road runner"

Jogging jack-o-lanterns
(This is the ONLY time you may ever refer to me as a "jogger.")

Cookie Monster (Props: blue clothes, fuzzy knee socks on arms and legs, and a bag of Chips Ahoy)
Hooters Waitress (The costume is self-explanatory, but it's worth noting that this was the first and LAST time I'll run in pantyhose. But maybe NOT the last time I'll run while carrying a pitcher of beer.)


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