Tuesday, July 10

July cross training pays off!

Back in January, I decided to try Kim's New 2 U Cross Training Challenge. Seven months later, the program has paid off in more ways than one.

I've been promising myself for months that I'd "get back in the water." I used to swim laps regularly and could be found paddling around the beaches of San Diego whenever the weather was nice (read: always). Since moving, I've done a little kayaking, but have largely turned into a landlubber.

Blame the BP oil spill and ever-present tarballs for that.

Fortunately the CTC gave me the nudge I needed to get back in the water. Relatives came out to visit for a long weekend, so when we packed up for the beach, I made sure to pack my snorkel.

For the record, snorkeling might be the only thing I love more than running. I love exploring the underwater world, and the feeling of weightlessness in the water has no comparison on land. I could swim with the fish for hours and not get bored.

Why did I leave my snorkel at home for so long?!

Just being out in the ocean again would have been reward enough from this cross training challenge. But the universe threw in a little bonus.

I followed a school of fish, then paddled out into deeper water. While floating offshore, I noticed a piece of paper undulating in the current.

Then I realized it was green...
$10 bill found while snorkeling
While my nieces and nephews were digging up sand dollars close to shore, I dove to take a closer look at my piece of paper. I found a ten dollar bill!

Snorkeling for cash joins the list of other cross training triumphs:
Have you ever found anything really interesting while out on a run, swim, bike ride, or hike?


  1. So glad you posted a pic of your find! Way to find the real money.

    My husband was snorkeling when we were in Maui and found a camera with this amazing waterproof case on it. He was hoping to sell it on eBay and turn a profit, but there were no takers. Poor guy.

  2. Hi. I once found somebody's pet dog in the woods. It didn't have a happy ending because, while I was phoning the owner on the tag to tell him I found his dog, the dog escaped my hold and ran back in the woods!


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