Thursday, May 16

Training for two: week 15 details

Here are the workout details from week 15...

To be honest, I'm still getting into the swing of things in my new home, and I started MY NEW JOB this week!

So with everything else going on, I was just glad to get some exercise each day. I had no real "workout plan." (...Unless figuring out the fastest commute to work by walking various routes counts as a workout plan?)

Friday: 4 miles of running intervals (4 minute run / 1 minute walk)

Saturday: Prenatal yoga.
This is quickly becoming my favorite part of the week.

Sunday: In the morning I went for a 2.5 mile run without stopping for a walk or where's-the-nearest-bathroom break! I followed that up with a 3 mile afternoon walk. (So many parks! So few weekends!)

Monday: 2 mile walk

Tuesday: I spent the day at my new hospital getting a checkup and a tour of the labor and delivery center. That hardly counts as exercise, so we'll call this a "rest day."

Wednesday: 4 mile walk

Thursday: 4 mile walk
For what it's worth, I also experienced one of pregnancy's finer side effects: the pregnancy leg cramp. After being woken out of a sound sleep at 3am by searing pain in my left calf, I spent most of Friday hobbling around. Hmm... I haven't felt that since marathon training back in 2006.
And my foam roller is still in Florida. Damn!

10 miles walked, 6.5 miles run.
Not too shabby for a four-month-pregnant lady!

Public Service Message from Captain Obvious: These posts are not intended to be a set of week-by-week pregnancy workout guidelines. Every woman needs to do what's right for her and her baby, with a doctor's guidance, of course. I'd just like to keep y'all up to date on how things are going in my little world.

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