Thursday, May 30

Training for two: week 17 details

Here are the workout details from week 17...

Baby's out for some exercise!
Friday: 4 mile walk

Saturday: 3 mile walk

Sunday: 3 mile walk around National Harbor (took the ferry across the Potomac) + painted the trim in the new living room (that's a workout, right?)

Monday: 4.25 mile run

Tuesday: 3 mile walk and prenatal yoga

Wednesday: 3 mile walk + 1 minute plank + 30 push-ups (got some strength training in this week!)

Thursday: 3 mile walk

19 miles walked, 4.25 miles run, and some strength and stretching.
My weekly strength training still has a long way to go to get back to "normal," but that's because of the move, not because of baby. My free weights will arrive on a moving truck in a few weeks!

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth by Jenny McCarthy
McCarthy offers a refreshing, and often hilarious, down to earth perspective on the whole procreation process. If you're tired of books that compare your baby's development to the size of a fruit, but offer no practical advice about what you're really going through, READ IT.

Public Service Message from Captain Obvious: These posts are not intended to be a set of week-by-week pregnancy workout guidelines. Every woman needs to do what's right for her and her baby, with a doctor's guidance, of course. I'd just like to keep y'all up to date on how things are going in my little world.

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