Monday, September 26

You know it's autumn when...

Despite continued balmy weather in Florida, you know it's autumn when:

  • You no longer need to wake up at 5am to start a long run, because the sun isn't up, and it isn't sauna-temperature, until nearly 7.

  • On Sundays running your long run on the treadmill is more tempting than running outdoors because it's a great way to catch the first half of the morning football games. (Also, dreadmill miles seem much faster when you imagine yourself running in for the TD.)

  • Spending the rest of Sunday on the couch or at a sports bar, eating nachos, watching the afternoon games, seems like a brilliant post-run recovery strategy.
  • Football photo circa 1910.
    Image source
  • Oktoberfest beer is on tap. 'Nuff said.

  • Before your morning run, you spike your coffee with pumpkin-spice creamer, and pumpkin bread is your post-run food of choice.
Peanut loves pumpkin, too!
Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.
What do you love about this season?


  1. I love your cat!! Also: insanely jealous of your access to good nachos. I was tempted to have some while I was over last week but didn't quite get to - but it won't be long now... :)

  2. I didn't even think about watching football on the treadmill. That doesn't sound so bad! :)

    and I can't say enough how happy I am to be able to run in the afternoons again (even though it is still 70 degrees and HUMID). Forecast is for low 60s this weekend. YES!

  3. Tonight's version of you-know-it's autumn-when: a hot shower sounds like a treat and not like torture.

    Pumpkin creamer sounds delightful!

  4. Oh, the cuteness of that cat photo is just too much!

    Sadly, I tend to fall of the treadmill if I try to watch tv while running on it. I can only imagine it would be worse if I started pretending to dodge tacklers on my way into the end zone.


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