Sunday, September 25

Sunday superlative

This week a San Diego legend passed away.

I'm not talking about a rock star or a politician.
I'm talking about a community college teacher.

In addition to his day job, Jerry Schad opened up the southern California backcountry to hikers and trail runners through a series of books, guided hikes, and a column in the local weekly rag.

To say that Schad's books are well-respected would be an understatement. His "Afoot and Afield in San Diego County" is considered the bible of backcountry and beach trails. (If you think I'm exaggerating, check out the LA Times article.)

My personal copies of Afoot and Afield are dog-eared, water-stained, and filled with notes in the margins. In short, the books have been often-used and well-loved. Without those books as a guide, I would never have found even half of the amazing places that I've hiked and trail-run over the years.

The collection of photos below represent just a handful of the treks I wouldn't have taken without Schad's tireless work to document trail locations, distances, elevation change, and other useful pieces of information.

Area M-5, Trip 4: Three Sisters Waterfall
Area M-8, Trip 2: Garnet Peak (yes people, it snows in the San Diego mountains!)
Area D-2, Trip 8: Hellhole Canyon
Schad will be missed.
San Diego's backcountry won't be the same...  

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