Tuesday, September 6


I have several confessions to make about this weekend.

Confession #1 - I have not run since Friday.
About this I feel no guilt whatsoever.
I flew 6,170 miles in 6 days to see two halves of the extended family. Those halves just happen to be in opposite corners of the country. I love to travel, but three cross-country flights in 6 days (Florida to California. California to Southern New England. Southern New England to Florida) tested even my frequent flier endurance. My brain survived the travel, but my body needed a rest. So I rested by hanging out with my family, lounging in the garden, and drinking copious amounts of wine. Fortunately this "sin" is easy to correct. I'll be lacing up my running shoes the moment I click "publish" for this post.

Confession #2 - To my friends: As you may have guessed from Confession #1, I snuck into California on Thursday afternoon and back out on Friday night without telling any of you. It was a family event, and I was in town for less than 36 hours. Family had to be top (and only) priority, but I still feel guilty. The same goes for friends in the northeast. Please forgive me!

Confession #3 - I covet... my parents' garden.
On Saturday we picked potatoes, green beans, eggplant, and tomatoes and cooked them all for dinner. I may have been resting my legs, but my stomach definitely got a good workout!

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  1. Your friends-apology amused me mightily, at least partly because a) I too shall be in New England this time next year (HUZZAH!! *does happy dance*) and b) I had a very similar experience last week, in that I hadn't mentioned to my possibly-road-tripping friend that I was going to be "in area" (i.e. in the same general section of the United States). Must remember to make apologies in advance next time, rather than have them find out via twitter... *ahem* ;) Hope the family are all OK (and I want your parents' garden!). :) x


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