Friday, September 9

Christmas in September

You may (or may not) have heard, but there was a massive blackout in Southern California beginning mid-afternoon yesterday. Initial reports suggested that the blackout could last well into the day on Friday (although Facebook status updates show that the lights, in my social network at least, started going back on at around 2:30am).

Regular readers may ask: What does this have to do with you? You're in Florida!

To which I reply: My day job is a telecommute to sunny San Diego. Through the marvels of modern technology at midnight last night (FL time) I received a call and email stating that the office would be closed on Friday. All San Diego county public schools are also closed.

The local electric company has already restored power to all 1.4 million customers, but who am I to argue with an "office closed" notice?

I had none of the troubles of the power outtage. No commute problems. No difficulty cooking dinner or keeping my perishable foods fresh in a not-running refrigerator. (The power does go out in my Florida neighborhood at least every other week... but that's another story for another time.) I just get all of the work-cancelling benefits of the massive So Cal blackout.

It's like Christmas in September!

I had planned to work all day, but instead I was able to sleep in and then linger over a second cup of coffee instead of rushing to get my morning run in before work. Now I am planning a beach day instead of a work day.

Heck, I might skip the run altogether and go for a hike instead! When else will I get to hike mid-day on a Friday?

What would you do with an unscheduled day off from work?

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  1. Oh, how nice! To be honest with you, I would probably work on research if I had an unexpected day off from teaching and other campus obligations. To be sure, I would probably linger over my second cup of coffee, though, and spend a good chunk of the morning reading blogs. :)

  2. I did end up going for a run and catching up on blog reading. I might have worked on an upcoming conference paper, but I also had an out-of-town guest staying with me... so it felt wrong to leave her lingering in the living room when I technically had the day "off." It was pretty spectacular. :)

  3. I would probably stay in my pj's all day and read :)


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