Saturday, March 3

The Big Easy

Greetings from New Orleans!
When I toe the starting line tomorrow, I'll be running with (rumor has it) 22,000 of my nearest and dearest friends. Even if some people skip the race, the field is still huge for this tiny little city. I wonder how many times I'll trip over other runners? Will pack ever thin out? Is there really a martini bar for the marathoners at mile 18? No matter what, this should be interesting... Crowded, but interesting!

As far as touristing goes, I'm glad New Orleans is a city I've been to many times. I don't feel guilty about taking it easy. After all, this city isn't known as "The Big Easy" for nothing: not every trip needs to be packed with late nights in smoky jazz clubs and days filled with historic tours and as much gumbo as a girl can eat. (Those things are fantastic, but the deserve a trip all their own.)

I've done the riverboat tour, run through the French Quarter, danced at Jazzfest (and at the local-favorite French Quarter Fest), and stood in line at Acme Oyster House, Cafe du Monde, and Mother's on prior trips. I know my way around the Garden District and Marigny. My mind is free from worry that I'm going to "miss something."

Today I can just relax, enjoy some good food and good company, rest up for tomorrow (and maybe catch up on Law & Order reruns)...

Have you ever been to New Orleans? If so, what's your favorite thing to do in the city?

Laissez les bon temps rouler!


  1. Great photo! :) Sounds like fun - best of luck with the race tomorrow! :)


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