Friday, March 9

F-word Friday

Welcome to F-word Friday!

...Funny! I meant funny Friday!
(What did you think I was going to say?)

And Free stuff Friday:
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And Fast(ish) Friday.
I intended last night's 5k group run to be an easy recovery run at a 9-10 minute mile pace. My running buddy EG had different plans. 25 minutes later we were done with our run. (Maybe I should re-name that Foolish Friday?) We ran much faster than I planned to run on my still-sore legs, but I feel fine today, so no harm done.

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And Frenetic Friday:
It's mid-semester. I have attendance recording, essay-grading, and mid-term reporting to do. Thankfully the administration gods realized that giving us 4 days between mid-terms and our reporting deadline wasn't very nice, so they've granted an extension until Monday. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

More Frenetic Friday:
I also have several major things on the "to do" list for an anniversary party Hubby and I are hosting soon. I need to stop thinking about "how much I have to do" and just focus on knocking tasks off the list one at a time. Eventually it will all get done, right?

5k Friday...
Speaking of running, there's a little race coming up tomorrow, which I suppose also makes this a (pre)Five-k Friday. But that run is more of a block party than a race, so it won't prevent me from having a...

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(you know I had to do it...)

FUN Friday.

What sorts of events do you have lined up for the weekend? (Bonus points if you can work in some clever F-words.)


  1. Seems hard to believe it's time for Maguire's St Pat's 5k again already! Enjoy that tomorrow, missus. :) And doing a bit at a time is always the best plan- it'll all get done! Happy Friday!

  2. Love it. All good Fs, if you ask me.

    Freakin' long run for me tomorrow--22 miles. Can't wait!

  3. I'll call this Free and Easy Friday as this will be the least hectic day of the weekend! We've got a final basketball game and after game pizza party and both kids have friends over for sleepovers tomorrow. So the rest of the weekend can be termed Fast Moving, Failure to sleep, and of course, Fun!

  4. I have so much to do.. that fridays just turn into a day I can just say F it.. I need a break lol. And you're right.. focusing on getting rid of each task is what will get you and me over the hurdle..


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