Wednesday, March 21


Inevitable pet behavior:
I start packing, and Peanut tries to go along for the ride.
My trip to San Diego is winding down... but there is one photographic gem I wanted to share with you before I go back to Florida.

Peanut seems to know when I'm leaving. Her favorite trick, when I'm packing, is to lie in the middle of my pile of clothes. I have had to learn to pack around her (or to hang my clothes well out of her reach).

I can't figure out whether Peanut is trying to get in the way so I can't leave, or whether she's trying to blend in with the sweaters in hopes that I'll "accidentally" take her with me. (Maybe she knows I'm back in San Diego, and she misses the weather as much as I do? After all, this is her "real" home too...)

Either way, I'll be back in Florida soon, and I'm sure we'll go through this dance all over again next time I have to pack my suitcase.

What items are on your "must pack" list when you travel?
Do your pets "know" when you're going away for more than a day?

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  1. I love your cat! My money's on her attempting to be a stowaway- bet she loves to travel, they do say pets tend to take after their owners... :)


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