Friday, March 2

Pop quiz!

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As a teacher, I don't give pop quizzes. But (apparently) as a blogger, I do. Fortunately for you, this won't affect your GPA.
Have fun!

Pop Quiz:

1. What am I doing right now?
A. Blogging (but I should be packing)
B. Pinning on Pinterest (but I should be working and not wasting vacation hours)
C. Packing
D. Both A and B, I'm an amazing multi-tasker (but a terrible packing procrastinator)

2. What race am I running this weekend?
A. The Boston Marathon
B. Badwater
C. New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Half
D. Race? What race?

3. What post-race drink am I most likely to crave?
A. Chocolate milk
B. Gatorade
C. Beer
D. Bloody mary

4. How many times did I need my sunglasses this week?
A. 7 (Wore 'em every day, baby!)
B. 2 (It's been cloudy with a chance of meatballs.)
C. 1 (They only let me out of the asylum for exercise once a week.)
D. 0 (Freakin' awful Florida weather! February is supposed to be nice here!)

5. Someone yelled at/to me while I was running at about 9 o'clock this morning. Given what you know about my neighborhood, what do you think that person yelled?
A. "Hey baby, want a ride?"
B. "Slow down, girl. What's your hurry?"
C. "Good job, girl!"
D. "Pick up the pace!"

BONUS QUESTION: What do you think I saw when I was out on my run this morning?
A. A man-eating alligator
B. A funny-car shaped like a hot-dog
C. A television crew filming a show on yard sales
D. Other (specify in the comment section): ________________________________

1. D. I used to be so good about pre-packing! I don't know when I turned into a last-minute-Annie, but I am.
2. C. New Orleans, and I'll get to check another state off of my halfing-the-50 list! If you answered A or B you need to turn in your runner's credentials: the Boston Marathon is an April race and Badwater is July.
3. D. While I won't turn down a cup of water, bottle of gatorade, or pint of beer, a bloody mary is my drink of choice. I recognize that chocolate milk is supposed to be a good post-run recovery beverage, but the idea of drinking milk after running is... um... totally gross to me.
4. D. Florida weather FAIL.
5. Surprisingly, the answer is C. I've heard all of the above while out running, including "hey baby, want a ride?" and "pick up the pace," but today another woman runner gave me a big thumbs up and a "good job." Made my day!
Bonus: C. Yep. I have no idea why yard sales are television-worthy, but my sweaty self may or may not have photo-bombed the show! But I still want to know what your fill in the blank answer was!

What's the most interesting thing you saw/heard/read this week?


  1. hahaha that's awesome. I'm pleased that I got everything but the comment right (I assumed it was another "pick up the pace!"). :) Hurry up and pack already so we can all be jealous of your hanging out in Nawlins for the weekend! :) Looking forward to the report, lady. :) x

  2. I saw a 2 polar bears on my run, but then again its past the zoo!


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