Friday, March 23

Freaky Friday

I'm home safe and sound in Florida today, and will soon be sharing some photos from my San Diego trip, but first...

Hubby rented a car for this trip, which was a novelty for me. (I almost never use a car in San Diego, as the trolley and my two feet can get me almost everywhere I need to go...) One evening Hubby and I had some errands to run. I stashed our shopping bags in the trunk, but then I couldn't get it to close properly. I opened the trunk back up to see what was blocking the latch, and I found this:
Pull-tab seen inside the trunk of our rental car.
Apparently our rental car was equipped with an escape lever so a clever abducted person could make a getaway attempt.
Close-up of the escape mechanism.
I do appreciate that the instructions show the cartoon-person running away, but seriously, am I the only one who is disturbed by this feature? The mere presence of this "pull tab, jump out of trunk, and run!" device implies that the manufacturer thinks abductions are common enough to warrant an escape hatch built into their cars. Maybe the designer was watching too much Hawaii Five-0?

Or maybe they saw this...?
Source: via Rose on Pinterest 
Weird, no?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a car (rental or otherwise)?


  1. I heard about this a few years back. There was actually a time where there were a few car abductions and people were thrown into the trunk of cars and died. This one victims mother went after car manufacturers to install this feature so that people could get away before they suffocated in the back. Creepy stuff!

    1. Yikes! How sad! I guess if we can't live in a world with 0 bad guys, at least we can add escape levers...

  2. Inside door panel stuffed full of packages of rolling papers. We discovered this taking the door apart to figure out why the window wouldn't roll down.

    1. Rolling papers?!? Why on earth would someone put those in a car door???

  3. lol that is weird, don't think I've ever eperienced anything like that, then again I haven't rented many cars.


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