Wednesday, March 14

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung in Pensacola.
For the past two weeks, my runs have looked like this:

(Well, to be honest, one of my runs looked like this...)
St. Patrick's block party posing as a 5k
But you get my point... Running in Pensacola lately has been warm and sunny, with birds singing and cool breezes blowing. And all of my runs have been very, very green. Even my legs feel like they have an extra bounce... an extra spring. (Sorry - bad pun. I just couldn't resist.)

Now, if only we could hold off mosquito season just a little longer...

Do you mourn the ending of winter, or look forward to the warmer weather?


  1. Yay for warmer weather. We have awesome weather up here in PA this week too and it just puts me in a better mood all around...and a little spring in my step too!

  2. I didn't get a chance to mourn winter. It never showed up! That St. Paddy's day race looks like a riot!!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I bet they smell spectacular too. Good times. I agree with Jim- winter never really showed up here, either. But spring is more than welcome! :)


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