Friday, March 30

Friday potluck

I've noticed a pattern: my Friday posts tend to be a collection of funny, freaky, or otherwise interesting tidbits that don't make it into a post during the week. So I'm going to make it official with a new series: Friday potluck. I provide the place (and may have my own tasty morsel or two to add to the mix) other people contribute the meat of the content.

Hopefully the result will be better than this:
Jello in pineapple can: worst potluck food ever?
Contributing a tasty beverage to the buffet:
XLMIC ranted about the marketing behind the chocolate milk craze, and confirmed my suspicions that I'm not missing out on anything by skipping the post-race dairy and refueling instead with a couple of orange slices and a bottle of water. (Note to chocolate milk lovers - if it works for you, great. Milk and my stomach just don't play well together after a hard workout.)

In the showstopper drink category, the bloggers over at Eat, Play, Love turned their after dinner coffee into an in-home replica of the Northern Lights. You have to read their post to see what I mean...

Why are we having a potluck today, anyway?
Today is Cesar Chavez Day. Many offices in California are closed. My co-workers get a day off. Unfortunately I'm on deadline, so I get to work. Boo!

But at least I'm working from home, right? And my office phone won't ring... And no one will notice that I went to the beach this morning for an hour-long walk, logged in "late," and still have sand between my toes...
Morning walk on the beach
Today that long walk on the beach is my only planned workout. I ran sprint intervals yesterday (mile warmup, 6 x 90 seconds, with 90 seconds of rest, and mile recovery), so today is a rest day.

Speaking of workouts, and hunger...
That girl with the Blonde Ponytail developed a Hunger Games themed home workout. If this doesn't get you ready for the arena, nothing will. (Thanks, Jess!)

And the cherry on top:
Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

Now for the best and the worst...

What's the worst food you've ever had at a potluck?
What's the best thing you read on the interwebs this week?


  1. I always bring Oreos. We live in a super crunchy, health foodie area...I like to mix things up ;-) But that pineapple thing looks way nasty. Maybe I'll try to make one of those for the next potluck I attend :P

    Glad you liked my chocolate milk essay! It was fun and interesting to research :)

    That northern lights concoction was so cool!

  2. I enjoyed Marjorie's (XLMIC) post on chocolate milk too. She's a hoot. And I loved reading her thoughts.


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