Wednesday, March 7

Photo Journal: New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that I've been to many times, yet I always discover something new.
Jackson Square on a cloudy day.
The Rock 'n' Roll route passes by the park.
I would encourage anyone to brave the lines at Cafe du Monde and get some beignets. Then take your prize over to the steps across from Jackson Square, savor the pastries, and just watch the crowds. (This is a particularly pleasant way to carb load before a big race or to end a night out on the town.)

Some of New Orleans is downright spooky, in a ghost-story-by-the-campfire kind of way. Maybe it's the gas lights that cast an eerie glow, or maybe the city truly is haunted? Ghost-tour operators certainly hope we believe the latter!
Corn Fence Hotel - looks like it could be the setting for a Stephen King movie.
Skeleton seen through an office window in the Central Business District.
 Mostly, New Orleans is delicious.
Acme Oyster House - go at "off" times, or expect a long wait.
(But if you like oysters, it is worth the wait!)
Grilled oysters from Acme - one of their specialties.
And musical!
We found a jazz club we hadn't been to before and whiled away a couple of pre-race hours sipping coffee and listening to live music.
Maison - a jazz club on Frenchmen Street.
I also like to drop by the Ritz Carlton's jazz club* - it feels like a trip back in time.
*Side note: Unfortunately on this visit my friend C and I were accosted by a crazy lady who wanted us to be her "girlfriends for the night." She presented herself as a business traveler who didn't want to sit alone at the club, but then proceeded to ask really bizarre questions. ("Is that a Swatch watch you're wearing?" referring to my running watch... Um, no, lady. It's a Target special. And who asks questions like that anyway??)  She also talked over the music, but any time one of us would try to speak, she'd shush us because "Oh, I just love this song! Let's be quiet and enjoy it!" She told us about some wonderful boyfriend back home, then would float off toward the bar to scam a free drink off of some unsuspecting guy. So. Not. Cool!
Needless to say, when crazy lady left to use the restroom, C and I took the opportunity to disappear. But I digress...
And back to delicious:
I wrapped up this trip with a bloody mary and a cafe au lait - two local favorites.
Bloody mary and cafe au lait.
(No, the champagne was not also mine! It was, after all, still morning!)
What's your favorite city to visit over and over again?
And what about ghosts - real or a sham to separate tourists from their money?


  1. Great pictures! I love oysters!!!! I think people have fun with ghost tours and things like that, even if it is a sham, it's their choice and provides entertainment :)

  2. I tried oysters for the first time last weekend. Not bad. I know I could visit New Orleans over and over and over.

    1. When Hubby told me we were leaving San Diego and moving to Pensacola, I consoled myself with the idea that we could go to New Orleans whenever we wanted. We're going back again sometime in May... :)

  3. Wow, sounds like you were lucky to get away from crazy lady so easily! Otherwise sounds like fun, nice to find a new spot you hadn't been before- great photos!! :)

  4. Chicago & NYC are my cities!

    1. New York is definitely on my list of repeat-cities, but (sadly) I've only been to Chicago once!


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