Monday, June 11

Duck, duck, goose!

13.13 inches of rain in one day, severe flash flooding, and a county-wide State of Emergency declared...

Clearly, some critters fared better during this storm than others. Two local ducks decided to use their wet-weather advantage to take over the world!

These two chased me through a parking lot while I was out running this morning!

I've been chased by dogs before.

But ducks?

This is definitely a first.

Of course, I thought these fowl beasts were such a threat that I went home, grabbed some stale bread, and went back with my camera.

Which, I suppose, means they did win after all. They chased me and stole my lunch. Regular high school bullies, those ducks!

What's your best wild animal story?


  1. haha I'm glad you seem to have had some fun with the wet weather, at least! :) They look pretty frightening, I have heard ducks can be nasty characters... :-D

  2. Just found this blog.. Those ducks are soooo cute :) Even though they were bullies ;)

  3. Too cute! I love seeing ducks on my run. (Far more than the geese.) My favorite though was running alongside the roosters in Hawaii. :)


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