Sunday, June 17

More postcards from DC

On my last day in Washington, D.C., I had just enough time for a nice, long sightseeing run. I spent about two and a half hours on the move, covered 10(ish) miles, and stopped at half a dozen museums and memorials.

I started on Capitol Hill.
The Capitol
I wove through the streets of downtown DC, until I spotted a 5k on Pennsylvania Avenue. I paused to watch runners cross the finish line near the Woodrow Wilson building.
5k finish line
I ran through Pershing Park and past the White House. (Fortunately no guards thought my smelly sweat was a threat to national security.)

I stopped to take a photo with Einstein, who sits quietly in a tiny park just north of the National Mall.
Einstein memorial
I headed toward the river, stopping to chat with a couple of runners. At their suggestion, I looped under and back up over the Memorial Bridge to cross on the bridge's south side - which offers better access to the Mount Vernon Trail.
Memorial Bridge
I ran toward Arlington National Cemetery (no running on the grounds, of course, out of respect) and spent some time at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial.

Then I turned back toward the Potomac and ran part of the Mount Vernon Trail on the Virginia side of the river.
View of Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument from the Mount Vernon Trail
I crossed back over Memorial Bridge, stopping to pay my respects to President Lincoln.
Lincoln Memorial
By this point, I was parched. Fortunately there are dozens of drinking fountains and concession vendors along the Mall, so finding water was a breeze - a $2.25 breeze - but a breeze nonetheless.

I wrapped up my tour with a stroll through the sculpture collection in the National Galleries.
Sculptures in the National Galleries West Building

Have you ever gone sightseeing on the run?
What museum or monument would be first on your list of places to see in DC?


  1. I have a real fondness for DC's war memorials. I did some sightseeing on the run years ago's been so long!

  2. i love the idea of a sightseeing run! What a great way to see a new place!

  3. Nice! I did a sort of sight-seeing run when I was on my honeymoon in Florence and sort of one when I was visiting Seattle for a conference. I would love to do the same in DC.


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