Saturday, June 30

Goal checkup

Back in January I set a few key goals for the year. With 6 months down, and 6 to go, a checkup is in order...

Goal - Run Faster:
5k in less than 24 minutes

Progress: My one and only first 5k (so far) this year was a fun-run clocking in at 25:48.
While I was consistent about form drills, speedwork, and other pace-improving activities through the winter and spring, summer heat has sapped my speed. December looks much more promising...
**Late breaking update: I ran a 5k this morning, but the goal remains elusive. Race report will be posted tomorrow.**

Goal - Run Longer:
Complete 5 half marathons

Progress: (1) Gulf Shores, (2) New Orleans, (3) Pensacola Beach.
A fall marathon would round out this list because 2 half marathons = 1 whole marathon, right?

Goal - Learn New Things:
Read 15 non-fiction books

Progress: When I last checked in on this goal, I was way behind schedule with only one non-fiction book completed by April.

I blamed it on a winter and spring of working two jobs.

Now school's out for summer, and I am proud to report that I've polished off five (5!) non-fiction books in the past 8 weeks (ok... ok... 2 of them were nearly done back in April). I need to maintain my blistering reading pace since reading-for-fun will come to a screeching halt when school starts up again.

Goal - Travel/Explore:
Visit one new-to-me place every month

Progress: Six solid months of exploring like a tourist.
  • January: Gulf Shores, AL
  • February: Indian Temple Mound museum in Fort Walton Beach, FL
  • March: A jazz club, Maison, in New Orleans
  • April: This month was a new-to-us trail double header.
    • The Blackwater Trail 10k took Hubby and me to a part of the Florida backwoods we'd never seen before. (So new, in fact, that I nearly skipped the race out of fear that I'd get lost...)
    • We followed that up with a hike in the Naval Live Oaks National Park
  • May: Audubon Park in New Orleans. (Given the number of times I've been to NOLA, it's a serious shame that this trip was my first visit to Audubon Park...)
  • June: Another two-fer!
    • I ventured into new neighborhoods and new-to-me museums while in Washington, DC.
    • Hubby and I went back to Gulf Shores, AL for an "adventure day" of exploring new beaches, shops, and restaurants.

Goal - New 2 U Cross Training Challenge:
Just ask Kim...

Progress: Six months and still going strong!
Did you set any goals for the year? If so, what's your progress to date?

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  1. You've been doing a great job with your goals! I think that fast 5K will be there for you in the fall once the temps drop off.


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