Thursday, June 14

Postcards from DC

I'd like to thank the Capitol Hill Running Club for a warm welcome this morning. I have been to the National Mall plenty of times, but never at dawn... In the early morning hours, the droves of tourists are gone, and in their place are a few dozen dedicated runners.

It was beautiful.
Sunrise over Grant
Jefferson memorial, as seen across the Tidal Basin
The Capitol... quiet before the workday begins
I'd also like to thank the Capitol Hill Runners for not shunning me when I whipped out my cell phone for some photos. (Ok, so the Mall wasn't completely empty of tourists...)


  1. Very nice! I really need to get to DC for a visit. And maybe someday, I'll run the MCM?

  2. That is awesome- fantastic photos!! Sounds like you had a great trip missus, glad to hear it :)


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