Thursday, June 14

This week's thanks

This week I'm thankful for a geeky but stellar conference for work, and that I didn't flub any of my slides.

I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to travel to DC, to meet some incredible people, and to share ideas and best practices. (Yes, folks - days like this make me feel less alone in my geeky-glory!)

I'm thankful a delicious tapas dinner and for stumbling across a farmers market when I needed a snack to tide me over until I could get to tapas.
Downtown DC farmers market
I'm thankful for the incredible works of art in the Smithsonian American Art museum... Unfortunately the docents threatened to tackle me if I tried to take photos of the art.

(Ok... that last bit is a stretch, but it sounds much more interesting than admitting that I followed the "no photos" signs in the galleries!) Fortunately photography is allowed in the spectacular indoor courtyard.
Courtyard between the national portrait and American art museums
I'd also like to thank (again) the Capitol Hill Runners for a great Thursday morning run.

What are you thankful for this week?

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