Friday, June 29

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another weekly roundup: the Friday potluck!

Today I'm serving up sports scuttlebutt and booze news, topped off with recommended reading and a quote of the week.

The anti-superhero?

If Alysia Montaño's post-race interview made her my new running hero, Nick Symmonds' interview did just the opposite. Symmonds used his Olympic Trials fame to score a date with Paris Hilton
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(Seriously, Nick, all that fame and all that speed, and you used it for evil?)

Grunts be gone!

The Women's Tennis Association is implementing a grunt-o-meter at tournaments.
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I can't think of another sport that takes its cues from Planet Fitness...

(Sooo many other potential punch-lines! So little time!)

Can't wait 'til happy hour?

Just thinking about a drink can help you relax!

(Try explaining that one to the officer... Sir! I didn't have anything to drink, I was just thinking about drinking!)
Source: via Serena on Pinterest

On the other side of the relaxation spectrum, just thinking about the price tags on the world's most expensive beers has given me a headache. (Can you imagine the bar tab for a couple of those babies?)

And just because the beers are expensive, doesn't mean you'd want to drink 'em... The world's second most expensive beer is 55 percent alcohol by volume (which is about 10 times higher than the average neighborhood brew) and costs a whopping $765 per bottle... and... (wait for it!)

...those bottles are made of taxidermied animal bodies! Beer served in a dead rodent!
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Seriously. Who would spend money on that???

Recommended reading:

This week's recommendation isn't a book, it's a concept.

Kathryn at Pavement Runner started a program she's calling Pave it Forward. Kathryn's plan is to give away a book that she has read, usually on endurance training, and the recipient agrees to write a review and send the book on to another lucky reader.

I like this idea so much, I might have to imitate her. (Sincerest form of flattery, no?)

 of the week:

This week's quote was so good, I had to repeat it.
“The flower is.. to me, means strength with femininity. I think that a lot of people say things like 'you run like a girl.' That doesn't mean that you have to run soft or you have to run dainty. It means that you're strong. We are the givers of life."
Alysia Montaño (after winning the women's 800 meter race to qualify for the 2012 US Olympic team)"

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. That interview with Nick Symmonds was really odd - like it was done by Paris Hilton's PR team or something. I mean it said she was intelligent....suspicious at best, right? But if it is all legit then NS's stock has dipped here too...

    Beer in taxidermied animal bottles? ewwwwww...

    love that quote!

    1. No kidding! And I read that he called her DAD to set up the date. How odd! (Odd that any male would seek permission from a father... Odd that a hotel mogul has more time to field phone calls than an unemployed airhead does.)

  2. Ok, so meeting Paris ranks up there with making the Olympic team? I just don't get it. Total loss.


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