Thursday, June 28

Thursday thanks

Thank you to the drivers who stopped to let me cross intersections while I was on my morning runs.
There were 5 of you - a record for one week!
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Thank you to the moving company employee who pulled his van over (and initially freaked me out a little) to ask me to stop running for a moment. Thank you for noticing that the moving truck behind you had a high roof, was going under a low-hanging tree, and would knock branches and debris onto me if I didn't stop where I was.

Thank you to the white-haired lady who regularly stops by the pond downtown to feed the ducks. The highlight of my week was eavesdropping overhearing you talking to the ducklings and to mama duck.
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What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I'm a bit odd with drivers at intersections. Motorists here are maniacs and it can kinda be deadly to assume someone is gonna stop so I work from the viewpoint that they are gonna storm on ahead. Then when they do stop, it's awkward!

  2. After 7 weeks away from running I'm thankful to be running again!


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