Sunday, October 14

Good run / bad run

Today's run: 8.1 miles with a healthy mix of good run / bad run.

Good run:
This is the longest I've run since I pulled my calf (again) weeks ago.

Bad run:
Six weeks of rest made 8 miles feel like 14. I've lost some serious endurance ground and am not thrilled about having to build back up again. (I was proud of my base, damnit! Damnit!!!)

Good run:
Finished with no pain and only minimal new blisters.

Bad run:
Chased by a dog.
A big dog.
A snarling, growling, barking big dog.

Good run:
Managed to stand my ground and shout the dog back into his yard.
No bites and I only almost peed my pants.
We'll call that a win.

Bad run:
It's warm and humid. Again. 'Nuff said.

Good run:
Found a $20 lying in the gutter!!!!

What's the best/worst thing that's happened to you on a run lately?

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