Monday, October 1

Goals vs injury (3rd qtr goal checkup)

The score at the end of the 3rd quarter...
Goals: 3, Injury: 2
As Madden would say, the momentum changed in this game. But then again, there's still lots of football left to play... Or running left to run...? Maybe I stretched this metaphor too far? Ahem. Back to the goals...

Back in January I set a few key goals for the year. Now there are only 3 months left to go before the calendar rolls over to a new year. This means, of course, it's time for a goal checkup.

Goal - Run Faster:
5k in less than 24 minutes

Progress: While I continue to place in the top 10 percent of the field, high temperatures and humidity meant that my summer 5k didn't even crack the 25 minute barrier. (Boo!)

Then PF and a calf strain struck. (Double and triple boo!) Speed work is off the table for at least another few weeks while my leg goes back to normal.

While my sub-24 minute goal remains, it may become a 2013 goal...
(Boo! And hiss!)

Goal - Run Longer:
Complete 5 half marathons

Progress: (1) Gulf Shores, (2) New Orleans, (3) Pensacola Beach.
Having run all 3 of those races before May, I have nothing new to report. (Are there even half marathons on the Gulf Coast in July, August, and September?)

I had no summer distance racing plans, but was keeping up my mileage with October and November half marathons in mind. Then... (see note above).

I need to make sure I'm fully recovered before I return to long distance training. Going to fast, and too far, too soon set me back a few weeks once already. I won't make that mistake again.

Fortunately, after a couple of successful runs last week, I am feeling more confident that I'll be running long again before year-end. I've got my eye on some late-November / early-December races.

I might pull this one off yet!

Goal - Learn New Things:
Read 15 non-fiction books

Progress: 10.5 books down, 5 to go!

Goal - Travel/Explore:
Visit one new-to-me place every month

Progress: Still exploring like a tourist!

Goal - New 2 U Cross Training Challenge:
Just ask Kim...

Progress: Six  Nine months and still going strong!

Did you set any goals for the year?
If so, what's your progress to date?

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