Monday, October 1

Morning motivation

Today's motivation is more than an inspirational meme.
'Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And loves dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves...
~Queen, Under Pressure
But first let me take a step back to Saturday night...
Def Leppard. Beastie Boys. Twisted Sister. Journey. Van Halen. Salt 'n' Peppa. Joan Jett. Run D.M.C. Starship. And, of course, Queen. All in one show.

Hubby and I went to see 1980s cover band The Molly Ringwalds. For two hours we danced like no one was watching. Hubby even downloaded a cigarette lighter app so we could wave lights in the air the way we would have during a rock ballad at a concert in the late '80s. (But this is 2012 not 1982. No one carries a lighter anymore.)

Then most of the band left the stage.

Spotlights converged on the lone remaining singer as he started a call-and-response homage to the late Freddy Mercury. If you were sentient in the mid 1980s, or if you watched the Olympic closing ceremonies this summer, you know what I mean.
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In 1986 Freddie Mercury belted out a goosebump-inducing call-and-response with the crowd at Wembley Stadium. Even as he sang his heart out, Mercury was already suffering serious health problems from HIV/AIDS. He passed away a mere five years later. But, even knowing the history, what affects me most about that particular performance is the audience singing as one.

So on Saturday night, listening to the audience around me, all voices rising together, I had a sense of pride and joy. The same pride-and-joy I feel surrounded by a wave of runners and the sound of pounding feet at the start of a race.

It is an incredible sight to behold so many people working in harmony.

Once the audience proved it's ability to keep up with the call-and-response, the band returned to the stage and launched into a cover of "Under Pressure" that got the crowd dancing and singing.

So by now you're wondering:
What does this all have to do with motivation?

Hearing hundreds of voices belting out "Love Love Love Love Love" at the top of their voices made me wonder: If a little call-and-response can get us to all sing together, what else can a little nudge - a little inspiration - do?

So today your inspiration is to commit one random, spontaneous act of love. Love your significant other. Love an annoying co-worker. Love a struggling runner. Love yourself a little more.

And in the comments, let us all know about an act of love you've witnessed.

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