Wednesday, October 17

Photoshop horrors

A couple of weeks ago, this ad greeted me in the sidebar of my online email.
Notice anything wrong?

I'm pretty sure that woman would snap in half, if she were real, given that her neck is wider than her midsection.

I've blogged before about the shocking use (and abuse) of Photoshop in our culture to glorify unhealthy and un-human standards of beauty. I see these images all the time. Pictures, like the one above, form the basis of a lecture in the Sociology course I teach.

But every once in awhile, a photo(shop) still shocks me.

Sometimes the (ahem) adjustments are extreme, as in the case of a model that lost a hand in overzealous photoshopping by Vogue. Limbs go missing all the time. More than one model has lost a leg. A surfer's hand remains, but the arm... eaten by a Photoshop shark?

Sometimes the adjustments are more subtle, as in the example of before-and-after photos of Victoria's Secret model Candace Swanepoel. Basic body functions, like skin bending and folding as we move (because, um, that's what it's supposed to do) are removed from the finished photo, setting a standard for aesthetic appeal that even the world's most classically gorgeous women can't attain in real life.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to demands for ever-thinner models, Photoshoppers have now resorted to retouching photos to cover unsexy things like protruding ribs.

(sarcasm intended)

What's the worst Photoshop tragedy you've seen?

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