Tuesday, October 16

Postcards from Williamsburg

Greetings from colonial Williamsburg, VA!

The term bucolic is almost (but not quite) right in characterizing Williamsburg. After all, the colony was more city than rural (at least for its time). But with sheep grazing alongside homes, "bucolic" will have to suffice.
View into colonial Williamsburg across a pond
The architecture is quaint, and the streets are wide, well-shaded, and runner-friendly even when throngs of tourists are touring.
One of the main boulevards in colonial Williamsburg
The governor's palace

Shady paths are runner friendly
Unfortunately, while most of the trees are oaks, black walnuts are also native to the area. One tree tried to bludgeon me with a softball-sized missile.

The walnut landed a few feet from where I was running on the trail.
(Score one for being just a little slow that day?)
Black walnut (still in outer hull) that tried to knock me unconscious
Livestock was crucial to colonial life, and still play a starring role in today's tourist-oriented recreation of Williamsburg. Horse-drawn carts ferry tourists to and fro. Oxen roam the streets with their handler. Sheep and cows graze in pastures between homes.
Yoked oxen
Horse drawn carts ferry tourists through the town
The cart drivers are in period costume
And it's not only animals who go to work in colonial Williamsburg each day. The town includes a bevy of period reenactments including a fully-functional brick yard, a blacksmith shop, wood-working shops, etc...
Brick yard, with piles of oyster shells, sand, clay, and bricks in various stages of completion
Blacksmith shop

Baker shaping loaves of bread for baking
Baking loaves of bread in an outdoor oven

Not to be outdone by the historical reenactments, modern-day archaeologists spend their afternoons digging up bits of the past.
Archaeologists at work...
People in period costumes relaxing in the shade
For what it's worth, this was not a town that took punishment lightly.

Like most British towns from the 1500s - mid-1700s, Williamsburg had a working stockade. And used it.
Stockade in the town center
My shadow, waving goodbye to Williamsburg, on my last run
Have you ever been to Williamsburg?
Are you a fan of historical re-creation tourist destinations?

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