Wednesday, October 10

You might be a runner if... (travel edition)

You might be a runner if...
(travel edition)
  • You make travel plans around your race schedule.
  • You pack more running shorts than business suits for "work travel."
  • You don't just sit at the boarding gate - you use the chairs for balance while you stretch your quads.
    • Corollary: You wonder why it took until 2012 for DFW to open an airport yoga studio, and you wonder how long it will take for airport treadmills to follow.
  • Your dream vacation is spending a week in Boston in April or New York in November.
  • It is a life goal to join the "50 states" club.
  • When people ask about your vacation, you talk about all of the neat new routes you got to run.
  • You wear your running shoes through airport security, even though it means taking the extra time to untie/tie them and slip-ons would be easier.
  • As soon as the captain turns off the "fasten seat belts" sign, you get up and pace the isles of the airplane because you just can't sit still that long.
  • There's a stick of Body Glide in your 1 quart ziplock plastic bag.
  • Before a vacation you spend as much time researching running routes as you do researching restaurants, hotels, and museums... combined.
  • You worry about how you'll get your Gus and energy gels through security.
What would you add to this list?

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