Wednesday, July 13

Short attention span workout

Maybe I have a short attention span because I watched too much Sesame Street as a child? Or maybe it's the daily digital technology overload?

Regardless of the reason, I get bored with stationary workouts. Quickly. To keep motivated, I gravitate toward interval training whenever I am parked on a stationary bike or dreadmill.

So a few weeks ago I convinced Hubby to join me in an in-home interval workout session:
3 x 10 minute sprints on the stationary bike, followed by 10 minutes of weight lifting and core work.
Every 10 minutes we trade off between the bike and weights. We each complete half an hour of cardio plus half an hour of strength training. All without leaving the living room. All without getting bored. This is quickly becoming my favorite non-running workout.

So today I have two questions:
How do you keep from getting bored at the gym?
What is your favorite cross-training or interval workout?

Photo courtesy of: The Library of Virginia

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