Sunday, July 15

Book review on the run: I Run, Therefore I am Nuts

A few weeks ago Bob Schwartz sent a copy of I Run, Therefore I Am--Nuts! to me to read and review. I've been slowly chuckling my way though the series of essays.

Schwartz's self-deprecating sense of humor is amusing. I found myself nodding along knowingly with passages such as "The Runner's Better Half" about the trials and tribulations runners' spouses endure. Likewise I laughed at "Send in the Clowns" about the increasingly ridiculous antics and entertainment at every mile marker of major distance races.

Schwartz also pulls no punches in the range of topics he covers. He admits that runners' sense of decorum drops as soon as we put on wicking material. Smearing vaseline or bodyglide on in front of hundreds of other people? Sure! Sniffly nose? Skip the tissue and blow a snot rocket! And what runner hasn't had an intense and detailed conversation about bathroom functions?

While the writing style is too conversational to win any Pulitzer prizes, the book is entertaining and a worthy addition to any crazy runner's collection.

I particularly liked the short essay format of the book. I could read a chapter or two on my lunch break without feeling like I was going to lose the train of a story when I had to put the book down and return to work.

Rating: PR

Recommended for: Runners who enjoy commiserating over 4am race-day wakeup calls, black toenails, and other "crazy" runner stuff. You can get a sample of Schwartz's writing on his blog.

Rating system:
BQ = best quality (or Boston Qualifier)
PR = pleasant read (or Personal Record)
DNF = did not finish (or Did Not Finish)

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  1. I have read parts of that book before and agree that it is so funny! and relatable!


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