Friday, July 6

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another weekly roundup: the Friday potluck!

First, some summer fun:

You may have seen sand sculptures, but these 15 works of art take the cake for geekiest day at the beach.... Ever.
Sand sculpture on the beach in Barcelona

Oddball Olympic events:

Since most of us did not qualify for the US Olympic Track and Field Team, maybe we should lobby to bring back one of the sports that have been cut from the Games over the years? Tug of war, anyone?

Duckface has a purpose!

Facebook is using facial recognition software to suggest (to other users) that they should tag you in photos, including those uploaded by others.

Finally, duckface has a purpose!

You know, that race photo from 5 years ago in which you're dry-heaving at the finish line? That might pop up in a coworker's news feed. That awkward keg-stand picture? Yep. Mom might see a suggestion to tag you in that one.

Fortunately, offers tips on how to change the settings and prevent your name from popping up in awkward situations.

The truth about Title IX

Apparently some people think that by ensuring women's equal access to sports, we've taken opportunities away from men. Rather than just laugh at this illogical thinking, the Society Pages dug up the data to prove that participation has increased for both women and men since Title IX was signed into law.

Recommended reading eating:

I saw these Sweet Potato Corn Cakes in my blog reader this week... These will definitely be on the menu at Chez Run-Like-A-Girl tonight.
Image source

Quote of the week:
"The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination."
John Bingham

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. That was a whole lot of randomness for a friday.

    The duck face photo made me laugh.

  2. Thanks for the facebook info link- you really have to watch them like a hawk, don't you? *sigh* :)


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