Friday, July 27

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another installment of the weekly roundup we all know and love: Friday potluck!

I'm not sure that counts as a "sport"

I thought I had heard of all of the crazy sports in the world. After all, I know about the world sauna championship and toe wrestling. But NPR (as usual) proved me sadly under-informed with their photo journal of wacky events.
Image source
For the record, I might go back to triathlon if I could ride a big wheel instead of a bike - especially down Lombard Street in San Francisco!

Beverage of choice

We all should be glad sports drinks have evolved since 1908 when Dorando Pietri drank poison (strychnine) as a performance "enhancer." (I'm going to thank Viper for that piece of trivia and the other fascinating details in his history of the 1908 Olympic marathon.)
For more Olympic history, the Daily Mirror has a dose of 1908 trivia.

Hungry mouths to feed

For most of history "good food" and London were not heard in the same sentence, unless it was a joke. In fact, I recall meals in London being mostly bland and overcooked (unless I was dining on Indian curry or some other non-British dish). However, Olympic organizers are pulling out all the stops to provide more than 14 million healthy, tasty, and locally-sourced meals to competitors and spectators over the course of the Games.

Funny, but true...

...the depressingly honest truth about every photo on Instagram

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

Technology to the rescue

Ever been on a bad date? A date so bad you wished your phone would ring with a family emergency to whisk you away from the situation?

Now there's an app for that.
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This claims-to-be stealthy new addition to the arsenal of bad date rescue apps is from eHarmony... which seems sort of hypocritical if you think about it, no?

Quote of the week:
"‎My sport is your sport's punishment."
as seen on hundreds of t-shirts

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Thanks for the link. Here, I saw my name in connect to beverages, and I thought you were going to talk about beer. Cheers!

  2. I would totally figure out how the heck to make my body to swim to compete in a Big Wheel triathlon! That's probably the best idea ever.

  3. love the big wheel triathalon idea! And the dating app is too hilarious - I could have used that back in my dating days....


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