Tuesday, July 24

Postcards from Jacksonville

Greetings from Jacksonville, Florida!
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Last week I flew into Jacksonville, spent a day there, then headed on to St. Augustine (postcard from The Ancient City to follow next week).

Hubby and I both had work to do while we were in JAX, so our touristing was limited. We carved out some time to go running and to go out to eat. Dinner at Clark's Fish Camp was by far the most noteworthy experience of this trip.
Clark's Fish Camp, Jacksonville, FL
Located on the edge of a riverside swamp, Clark's is the only restaurant I've ever been to with alligator on the menu, alligators swimming in the water outside, and a 5-foot long "pet" gator lounging in a tank in the lobby.
Clark's Fish Camp
Clark's is also notorious for an amazing array of taxidermy. I'll admit that it was a little creepy being watched by a herd of antelope while I was eating an antelope appetizer (but not creepy enough to go vegetarian).

Despite the list of unique dishes, the food was surprisingly boring. The hush puppies and black eyed peas were excellent, but the boudin was bland. That said, dinner at Clark's is one I will not soon forget.
Clark's Fish Camp
I did sneak in a couple of quick runs while I was in Jacksonville, but given that I was mostly in the suburbs, the routes were nothing to write home about.

My best run-while-traveling photo was from a boardwalk through the swamps. Under the boardwalk hundreds of fiddler crabs skittered along in the mud. The crabs were an incredible sight - one that I'm glad I witnessed - but I have never been so happy to be on an elevated walkway.
Boardwalk through swamp in Jacksonville
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Where did you run last weekend?


  1. Looks like Clark's is an interesting place to eat. I think I would be unnerved by all of those dead animals watching me eat. The run on the boardwalk looks like fun though! I love fiddler crabs.

  2. I think that I would still like to try Clark's. I'm seriously curious about all of the 'pets' on the walls. My dad lives in St. Augustine so maybe I'll give this a shot during my visit in November. Still thinking about running the St. Augustine half-marathon on the weekend of the 17-18th of November.

  3. My in-laws took us to Clark's once since they lived in Jacksonville for a while. I'm usually down for Florida Cracker style dining but this restaurant really takes it to a whole other level! I'm pretty sure I played it safe and got seafood.


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