Monday, July 2

Meet your (100 year old) US Olympic Team

This photo, from the Library of Congress archives, represents US athletes who competed in the fifth Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden... in 1912!

The black and white photo... athletes wearing suits and hats... lack of females in the picture... all made me wonder what the Games were like 100 years ago.
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Facts about the 1912 Olympics:
  • The 1912 games in Stockholm were the first Olympics to include representatives from five continents, and Japan participated in the Games for the first time.
  • The course for the cycling road race was the longest (at 199 miles) of any kind at any Olympic Games before or since.
  • Olympic officials allowed women to compete in swimming and diving competitions for the first time.
  • While women were making progress through sports like gymnastics and swimming, participation was far from even. Out of 2,547 athletes, only 57 women competed in 1912.
  • Women were not allowed to participate in most track and field events.
  • The photo finish, so newsworthy for its role in the 100 meter dead heat at this year's US Olympic Track and Field trials, was implemented for the first time at the Stockholm Olympics.
  • Team USA competed against 28 other nations to win 25 gold, 18 silver, and 19 bronze medals at the 1912 summer games.
  • Those gold medals were the last Olympic medals to be made of solid gold.

What Olympic event would you want to medal in (if you could choose any event)?


  1. I would want it in gymnastics, not that I can do anything other than a cartwheel, but we used to pretend we were amazing gymnasts in the Olympics as a kid. Although a marathon gold would be really sweet too~


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