Wednesday, July 11

Weirdest workout fad ever?

Meet the 2010s answer to the Thigh Master: Kangoo Jumps.
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Just when the running community is going gaga over minimalist shoes, some mad scientist flips a switch in the opposite direction and markets a pair of shoes with a pogo spring on the bottom.

The Kangoo Jump marketing staff must be working overtime because raves are pouring out of Oprah's magazine and the Huffington Post. Even the Kardashians have (*cough* conveniently) been seen sporting the springy shoes. (I wonder how much the media darlings were paid for the photo op? Because we all know that no Kardashian would be seen in those shoes without a check in the mail...)

My least favorite quote from this video:
"So I can run one mile, and I can tell everyone I ran two miles?"
Um, yes, honey. You hold onto that dream.
I'll keep my running shoes as-is, thanks.

We should start taking bets on how long this fad lasts before someone breaks an ankle and sues...

So... what's your take on this new gadget? Fun or a fad?
What's the weirdest workout or gadget you've ever tried?


  1. HARHAR HAR! I hope I see someone in these - awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh, I think I would fall on my face if I tried to run in those.


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